dear friend in delhi you find many type of contract basis job. delhi has huge city many industry are set up in delhi and they provide contract basis job .At present running project metro need many contract basis employee and BPO job are available for job seeker.

Delhi Metro City Contract Basis Job

delhi metro city contract job are those job which is given by delhi metro organisation.These job are mainly metro rail driver,metro engineer,metro coupon collector,metro city station empoyee. Delhi Metro City Station have many type of employee ,mainly all employee are on contract based if you have some technical knowledge you can apply any technical delhi metro city contract based have option to choose your required job.Mainly job are of 5 year contact based.If you want to apply any job first you contact any cunsultant who help you to get these contract based job..Metro rail cover mainly all busy city so employee are required almost full year , if you are intrested to work in metro rail you get definitely job in metro corportation.Some company are tighup with metro corportation and provide there employee in all metro station.delhi metro city need employee every month no boundation on you means if you get job in metro corportation metro give you bound of 5 year or 10 year or 20 year its upon you how many year you work on metro .If you want to leave job after 1 month you are indepent to take decision.Metro corporation are ready to your help in any condition.Salary range of these all contact are from 6000 to 100000. its all depend on your designation what you get from metro corporation....

Delhi Metro Station Contract Basis Job

Second type of job in metro corporation are labour job on daily wages or contract based.New metro station are made every first contract type are mainly first class contract based employee on other hand second type contract employee are labour type. At now work of new metro station are in running mode just meet area manager and start labour job who want to work in labour of marketing .metro corporation are wanted to cover all main area of delhi so delhi metro station are open in all delhi place.delhi metro station are first started from teshajari to sahadhra .and at now metro are cover many area and run in three line that are yellow,green,blue.Delhi metro station job are mainly of contact based without any limit just start and work untill project is not complete ..

Delhi BPO Company Contract Basis Job

BPO company are need many contarct basis junior customer executive and senior customer executive.Most of company are set up in delhi,gurgaon,noida area.All type of industries need bpo employee but most needed company are airtell,idea,cellone,vodafone,aircell,tata etc. These company need customer executive to solve there customer problem.Actually when a company launch any product or any new plan they need customer executive to understand there customer about these plan.Think that you have a mobile prepaid connection and you want to use that connection to connect to internet but you don't know how ???? , then customer care executive help you to set up you gprs setting to your mobile or laptop . Without these type of help many customer are not satisfied or not understand plan so for that they need expert customer executive to solve these problem.Delhi provide you many bpo job . .
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